Shén Dào

Tiefe strukturelle integration

"Growing is a natural process; we can not force. it Rather it underlies the same laws as all life does.


A tree, for example, only grows when its roots grow deeper into the earth.


The human being learns by strengthening his roots, which connect him with its past. And the past of a human being is his body. "

A. Lowen 1975

How is such a process organized?

In a series of 10 to 12 working sessions (duration approx. 1.5 hours), old, stuck structures - both physical and emotional - are systematically worked through and transformed.

The first 3 sessions can be considered as a set and therefore can be taken separately from the others, always at intervals of one week.
This set of 3 thoracic sessions is followed by pelvic sessions (4/5/6) and finally a head session (7), which are given only as a coherent unit in a weekly rhythm. (1 to 7)

Finally, there are 3 integration sessions, 14 days apart, to resolve final asymmetries and balance the body as a holistic organism at the meridian level and structurally integrate the new findings.

What is Shén Dào bodywork?

Shén Dào combines deep fascia release with Traditional Chinese Medicine and aims at deep structural integration of body and personality. Many emotions are stored in the tissue fibers, like notes in folders of a huge archive. As the holistic approach of TCM claims, emotional balance is closely related to the organs and musculo-skeletal system. Deep manual manipulation at the fascia level allows the body to release old structures that are both physical and emotional in order to restructure the body to be balanced, strong and flexible.

Where does this work come from?

SHÉN DÀO has several sources - one is the fascia treatment of Ida Rolf (Rolfing), and the other is the theory of character structures, conceived by Wilhelm Reich and then further developed by Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics), John Pierrakos and Ron Kurtz (Hakomi). The series of fascia treatments has been arranged to correspond to the flow of Qi in the meridians. In this sense, SHÉN DÀO is a form of deep bodywork that closely follows the energy flow of the organism, thus integrating Western and Eastern approaches.
What is the methodological approach?

* Deep connective tissue work systematically relaxes the entire body structure, loosening shortened and cramped muscles so that the body can straighten up again. (working on the posture of the body)

* Reich's work and breathing techniques release the emotional and muscular blockages. (Primarily in the thorax to increase overall breathing capacity).   

* Meridians or energy channels run largely in the fascial spaces between muscles; blocked muscles as a result of past trauma or chronic physical and emotional tension impede the flow of qì in the meridians. SHÉN DÀO relaxes the muscles, resulting in a stronger flow of qi, which in turn promotes health and vitality. Acupressure points and meridian lines direct and harmonize the energies of the body.

During the long series, from session 1 to the integration sessions, it is especially beneficial if 1 to 3 more appointments are made for conversations. By means of questionnaires on Reich's character theory, the family structure is illuminated, which again makes the body sessions very powerful. In this way, bodywork and conversation go hand in hand. One activates the other and vice versa.