photo by Elena Krasnutskaya

For me there is no doubt that the way we think, act and feel has a great influence on our body structure, our well-being and our health.
With this awareness - coming from dance - I have been turning to Holistic Body Therapy for 10 years now, focusing on psycho-somatic and vice versa on "somato-psychic" processes. Physical and mental phenomena and symptoms are to be understood as different expressions of the same organism. As an alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker), I feel the potential of integrative psychosomatics to be immeasurable and I'm fascinated day after day by the transormations I am privileged to accompany.

In my treatments I respond individually to your concerns. After a short conversation we go into the session in terms of manual therapy or massage. Or else into the body psychotherapeutic process. The holistic bodywork as Fascial and Meridianmassage is suitable for various complaints such as chronic joint pain and back pain, headaches, digestive disorders, poor concentration, sleep disorders, asthma, tinitus, PMS, stress, tension, but also listlessness and fatigue. I apply the psychosomatic process work especially with regard to affective disorders such as depression, anxiety and panic disorders, states of exhaustion and chronic pain disorders but also with irritable stomach or irritable bowel, psychogenic heart complaints, hyperventilation or sexual dysfunctions. But it can also show new ways in case of emotional overload or in deadlocked life situations.

                                                                                             You can read more about the individual methods I work with on the following pages.


Fascial Release

Myofascial Release means the manual therapy of deep connective tissue in order to realease old, bonded connective tissue fibers and rid the body of acute as well as chronic pain.


Meridians, as energy pathways of Qi (body energy regarding the TCM), are massaged in their cyclical sequence, regarding the trad. chin. Medicine, in order to help the body balance itself.

Psychosomatic Process

Fasciawork is integrated into the meridian system to overcome and reorganize old structures. Based on Wilhem Reich's character theory, behavioral patterns are linked to the physical and mental "attitude" and reflected upon.