photos by Kimi Palme

"Acht Wundermeridiane", Dr. Achim Eckert

This Massagetechnique stimulates the flow of life energy Qì in the meridians, which have been prevalent in Asia since thousands of years. In contrast to the Occidental "Classic Massage", which focuses on relaxing muscles and promoting lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, meridian massage and acupressure primarily aim to balance the energy cycle in the body. The eastern massage techniques relaxes and detoxifies the skin, the connective tissue and muscles such as Western massage, but the regulation of the Qì-flow also harmonize the autonomic nervous system, metabolism and functions of the internal organs.

A basic concept of Chinese medicine is, that body and mind are inseparable. Following this idea, emotions and mental functions, have their origin in the inner organs - so the flow of the life energy Qì in the corresponding organ meridians fundamentally determines our physical and mental well-being: Physical, mental and emotional health state depend on the flow of the Qì in the organs and their linked Meridians. This is why Meridianmassage and Acupressure do not only have a regenerating and revitalizing effect on the body, but also on our mind and our emotions - especially our deeper feelings, which are often superimposed by the rhythm of everyday life, we will percieve mor conscious again.


A daily routine characterized by stress and hectic leads to blockages and energy stops. Therefore, the stimulation of the Qì River through meridian massage and acupressure has a holistic effect on our health and our attitude to life.


Meridianmassages can help with several problems such as:

headaches, indigestion, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, asthma, tinitus, PMS, stress and tension, restlessness, listlessness, weariness and others.