Aware of the inner Qi while moving

studiopohotos by Martin Oskar Kramer

From my own movement practice, somatic exercises, Qi Gong, different meridian exercises and my dance background I developed the idea to merge the awareness of Qi energy in the body with dance improvisation.
Improvised movement can be very challenging for both amateurs and professionals. One confronts one's own possibilities and limitations, whether physical or mental. Perhaps one encounters a fear of stepping outside of oneself or not feeling at home in one's own body.

My goal is to bring in the quality of the 5 elements of TCM and the meridians connected to them, to perceive the body in its own flow, or just with corresponding blockages.

Through somatic exercises, imagination tasks and breathing techniques, participants can experience themselves with a high degree of inner awareness while moving.


I am open to teach this approach in 1 to 2 hour classes or 3 to 5 day seminars.

SENSE and dance

In each class we enter the journey into anatomical body structures.

Zooming in and out into Fascia, Organs, Meridians, Triggerpoints

and Reflexology we will find our way from the perceived detail into

individual, free and nourishing movement.


Bodywork, dancephrases and Improvisation will be part of the class, aswell as insights into living and theoretical Anatomy.


When and Where?

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Qi gong and meditation for groups


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