Holistic Bodywork

Fascial Work/Myofascial Release

Because the fasciae function like a large network, the result of fascia work feels particularly holistic. Even if "problem areas" are identified locally, the effect is often felt throughout the entire organism. At the same time, I use meridian work, in the sense of TCM, to integrate and to "drain" dissolved blockages. Therefore it is a deep tissue massage, which can specifically act on physiological and emotional "problems" via the meridian course.


Duration: 60, 90, or 120 min for 90/120/160 Eur.

chin. Meridian massage/TUINA

Physical, mental and emotional health depend on the flow of Qì in each organ meridian. Therefore, meridian massage in the sense of acupressure has a regenerating and revitalizing effect not only on the body, but also on our mind and emotions - especially our deeper feelings, which are often overlaid by the rhythm of everyday life, are again perceived more consciously.


Duration: 75 min for 100 Eur.


A daily routine characterized by stress and hectic, as well as emotional stress and one-sidedness, lead to blockages in the corresponding organ meridians. The stimulation of the Qì flow through acupuncture therefore has a holistic effect on our health and our attitude to life. Acupuncture can be excellently combined with acupressure, i.e. with meridian massage or with fascial work.

Only Acupuncture: 40min for 50 Eur

Duration in Combination 60, 90 or 120 min for 90/120/160 Eur.

Psychosomatic process work

Body Psychotherapy

Many emotions are stored in the tissue fibers, like notes in folders of a huge archive. Through deep manual manipulation at the level of fascia, the body can let go of old structures that are physical and emotional at the same time, in order to restructure itself. Such a "Postural Integration" can help to perceive oneself balanced, strong and flexible and also to gain stability on an emotional level - to feel the ground under the feet. Following the Rolfing Fascia Work, this process (See Shén Dao) takes place in a framework of:


10-12 Sessions each 70 - 90 min for 110 Eur.

Sessions for Two



In this 2h - partner massage practice you will learn valuable grips and techniques from fascia work, acupressure (TCM) and trigger point release. Starting from basics like your own posture while massaging, as well as anatomical basics, we will try out different approaches. Regularly applied in everyday life, you can save each other from excessive tension, pain, discomfort and bad mood.  Of course, it is equally possible to share this learning with friends or relatives.


> Duration: 120 oder 150 min for 165/195 Eur


sense and Dance

In each class we enter the journey into anatomical body structures. Zooming in and out into Fascia, Organs, Meridians, Triggerpoints and Reflexology we will find our way from the perceived detail into free and nourishing movement. - Bodywork, Dancephrases and Improvisation will be part of the class, aswell as insights into living and theoretical Anatomy.




> Duration 75 min for 17 Eur  >> for Scedule see NEWS

selfcare with Triggerpoints


In this course, starting from the localization of your individual pain points and corresponding anatomical background knowledge, we will try out different techniques and possibilities which will help you to reduce tension and sustainably alleviate pain.



> Duration 90 min for 25 Eur  >> for Scedule times see NEWS