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My name is Lisa Gaden. I am a certified alternative practitioner, dancetherapist and mother of an indescribable daughter. I am passionate about accompanying and supporting others in becoming aware of their entrenched structures and to actively change them. In this Process I am Witnessing change, give support during the difficulties accepting the change but also enable space to create new solutions and pathways. What did my own path look like up to this point? Who or what has shaped me, and who had been my body witnesses?








photo by Elena Krasnutskaya





'07 – '10   DANCEWORKS, Education in Modern Dance, Berlin, Germany


'10 – '12    Institute of Dance Arts (IDA), contemporary dance studies, Linz, Austria


'12           Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance, performance studies, Copenhagen, Denmark


'12 – '18    FU Berlin, Dance and Theaterscience, Philosophy & Arthistory, Berlin, Germany


'14 – '20   Intensive Curses in TCM/Meridianmassage with Dr. Achim Eckert, Passau, Germany

'15 – '18   Shén Dào – Education, Structural Integration/ Fascia Release, with Dr. Achim Eckert, Passau, Germany

'18          Swedish Massage Certification, Institute of Healthmanagement, Berlin


'20         Official Alternative Practioner, Berlin, Germany